Affected by beauty in all its forms and expressions, she has always had a great affinity for the visual arts. Affinity that has directed his academic studies towards the history of art, then continuing along the path of photography, which has always been a happy and indispensable constant.
In Florence she attended the Alinari International School of Photography, where she graduated in 2012: it is there that the first encounter between photography and food took place.
The Turin collaboration with Studio Più Luce, which has been dealing with food photography and advertising for years, has allowed her to work on the still life genre: it was love at first sight, matured together with that for food and its forms.
So he decided to complement the cooking lessons at the photographic technique lessons at the IED in Milan, following various courses throughout the Italian territory.
She loves cooking and, the love for food is an alchemy that has accompanied her for years now, continuing to be a source of inspiration and new creations both in the kitchen and behind the lens.
He currently works as a freelancer, collaborating with trade magazines, if not directly with chefs and restaurants, joyfully combining his two greatest passions.