Prinp is a publishing house focused on Art, Photography, Architecture, Design, Theatre and Performing Arts, Poetry and Fiction. In addition to prestigious illustrated books, exhibition catalogs, monographs and artist’s books, it publishes essays on History and Art Critic and Theatre with forays into Economy, Sociology, Pedagogy, Politics and Environment. Over the years it has extended its research path by expanding the catalog with volumes dedicated to Poetry, Fiction, Autobiographies and Memoirs.

Prinp was founded at the end of the 2000s – in a context of great excitement for digital publishing, with the explosion of ebooks, tablets, smartphones – as an internet platform for cross-media publishing, with a project based on the redefinition of publishing models production, using tools provided by world wide web and new technologies to publish, print, sell, share and distribute books in both paper and digital format. Prinp has always been a place of experimentation, and still is today, where Arts meet Self-Publishing, where artists and authors transform their contents into prestigious Art Books, made with innovative printing and binding technologies.
Prinp’s editorial career has so far been possible thanks to the multitude of its Authors, Artists, Photographers, Architects, Designers who form the publishing house community, thanks to which it has had a strong artistic and cultural identity.

In its catalog, Prinp has publications by well-known Authors, Curators, Artists and Art Critics, including Achille Bonito Oliva, Giulio Paolini, Carol Rama, Alighiero Boetti, Jim Dine, Aldo Mondino, Luigi Mainolfi, Adrian Paci, Piero Gilardi, Francesco Poli, Ugo Nespolo, Giorgio Verzotti, Marcella Beccaria, Elena Volpato and many others.
Prinp has collaborated with important Museums and Institutions, including the GAM Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Giulio Paolini Archive, Carol Rama Archive, Felice Casorati House Museum, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation , Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, PAV Parco Arte Vivente, CRT Foundation for Art, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Diffused Museum of the Resistance in Turin.
Prinp takes part in Book Fairs and Book Events, including the Turin International Book Fair, Frankfurt Frankfurter Buchmesse, U.S. Book Show in N.Y.C., Circolo dei Lettori in Turin and books are available in bookshops such as Artissima, Flashback and Paratissima Art Fairs.


Each one of our books is born from a brilliant idea: it is the result of the collaboration between author and publisher. Therefore we are always looking for inspirations, suggestions and ideas to create new books and publications, always trying to improve ourselves, with each new publishing project.
We consider our authors as partners and valuable contributors. The editorial staff is always happy to check and welcome the publishing projects that are proposed to us, offering our experience and skills.


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Our staff offers experience and skills by providing a series of services to best realize your book project:

  • Book design, graphics and layout
  • Drafting, editing and proofreading
  • Illustrations, images and photo shoots
  • Text translations
  • ISBN code for worldwide distribution
  • Events Organization and book launch and presentations
  • Consultancy on copyright and reproduction rights, SIAE Italian Copyright Database researches


Our specialization has always been the technological innovation. In fact, Prinp was born as an internet platform for shared experimental publishing, at the end of the 2000s, in a context of great excitement, with the explosion of ebooks and digital reading devices.
Over the years we have developed numerous cross-media publishing projects, redefining publishing production models, using the tools provided by the world wide web and new technologies to publish, print, sell, share and distribute books in both paper and digital format.
Prinp has always been a laboratory, a place for editorial experimentation, and is today more than ever. From print-on-demand to the web to epub, mobi and kindle formats, our publishing house invests in digital publishing research.


The Prinp publishing house, since its foundation, has always had a particular attention to the climate emergency and the protection of the planet.
Our contribution to the environmental protection takes place through a precise environmental policy: we have chosen the “on demand” printing technology, which allows you to print only and exclusively the copies of the books you actually need, sometimes in micro runs, avoiding waste from the high runs of traditional press. Until a few years ago it was inevitable to pack thousands of copies to amortize costs and optimize the production process. Today, thanks to high quality digital printing, print runs are drastically reduced, rather than by carrying out more frequent and less expensive reprints.
Printing “on demand” cancels warehouse stocks, avoids returns to the publisher and the consequent pulping of unsold copies.
Prinp’s distribution process is also optimized: books are ordered and shipped only on-demand, consequently the pollution due to transport is reduced to a minimum.
We also try to encourage the production and trade of ebooks, works in digital format and electronic editions as much as possible, to completely avoid the use of paper and printing, thus implementing the integration of digital content distribution platforms.
The books are thus published in the necessary format and quantity, when, where and how they are needed. Prinp’s printing technology does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, it does not produce polluting waste (inks, chemicals, solvents and derivatives used in traditional publishing) or toxic waste of any kind, takes place on production lines that are entirely of a low environmental impact and it uses certified, recyclable and recycled papers.

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