Bianca Tosatti has organized exhibitions of Arnulf Rainer, Andy Warhol and other great masters of the modern-contemporary, has built great collections, has taught and enjoys teaching. Since the 1990s she has dedicated herself to the systematic study of Irregular Art, a definition coined precisely to expand the somewhat concentrationary concepts of Art Brut and Outsider Art; on this theme he organized many exhibitions that critically collected unpublished documents from all over the world: “La normalità dell’arte”, at the Refettorio delle Stelline in Milan in 1992; “Figure dell’anima, Arte irregolare in Europa” in 1998 at the Visconti Castle in Pavia and in the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa; “Oltre la ragione, le figure, le storie, i maestri dell’arte irregolare” at the Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo in 2006 and at the Modern Art Gallery of the Principality of Monaco in 2007.
He worked a lot, from 2013 to 2015, on the design of a MAImuseo that was built and unmade due to lack of economic resources after two years and unforgettable exhibitions. Its vast collection was acquired by the House of Art Brut in Mairano di Casteggio.