The Linea D’acqua cultural association was formed in May 2016, from the encounter between different professional realities operating in the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin. The exchange of skills has made it possible to carry out intervention and care projects by integrating the psychodynamic aspects with the artistic ones, making it possible to find new answers to the challenges that care work proposes every day and to the need to create spaces for thought and resonance in a dialogue open to the various operators.
The integrated artistic experience has offered new opportunities for growth to young patients, stimulating in the operators the desire to consolidate and disseminate this type of experience, in which the language of the visual arts represents a resource to draw on in everyday life to help people to express feelings, emotions, ideas.
The Association, which does not pursue profit-making purposes, carries out its activity in the sector of promoting health and well-being, through culture and art, in all its forms. He designs and manages group and individual art and art therapy workshops, in contexts of care and life, trusting in the power of images, capable of containing and filtering emotions, pains and all experiences, and in the strength of rediscovered contact. with the other, which allows you to feel seen and perceived even in difficulty.
Since its establishment, the association has sought collaborations in harmony with its objectives and values, with the utmost openness to collaborating with entities, associations, individuals or groups, with a view to mutual enrichment obtained from the comparison of different worlds, professionalism, experiences . As operators and partners, we strongly believe in the concept of synergy since it arises from the union of two fundamental terms for us, work and together. We carry out a daily care job, with serious and professional commitment, characterized by the intent to make themselves available to the other, each with their own skills and energies, trying to promote the well-being and stimulate the transformation of those who want to improve the quality of one’s life through art. We aim to act together in the belief that from the co-participation of different elements a unity can be born that is not just a sum of parts, but a multiplication of facets and strengths capable of increasing the value and meaning of the experience. overall.