JINS ©, aka Paolo Gillone, is known for his large-scale paintings in bright and clear colors or for his black and white drawings that sometimes cover entire walls and surfaces, but also for his videos and cartoons or for the music he plays on the radio and in clubs as a DJ.
He has exhibited in Italy and abroad (in Europe but also in NY City and Mexico City) and has around twenty solo exhibitions, the last of which in Knokke – Zoute in Belgium with 50 works on display.
He has created public works and “site specific projects” such as the much discussed “YourLife @ SubWay” in the subway under the Torino Porta Nuova station in 2009, “YourLife @ Siracusa” again in 2009 in the Sicilian capital, or “YourLife @ Blues” in Costa Smeralda in 2010, “Emotional Rescue” in 2011 in Turin or “From Detention to Detention” in the Nuove prisons of Turin during the “the Others” fair in 2012, “Handle with Care” in Glasgow in 2015, “CalpestamiPure” on sidewalk of via Rossini in Turin in 2017.
He painted the walls of galleries, public places and night clubs, but also sailboats, motorcycles, cars and an entire walking camper bar.
He made the promo cartoon for the Venice Architecture Biennale (2006) but also a cartoon for NoTav about mafia and asbestos (2012) and an animated film in 12 episodes on the Mayan prophecy and the real reasons that are causing death of planet earth: “12 Steps until the end of the world” (2012) all visible along with dozens of others on YouTube – pablojins channel.
He has worked as a creative and illustrator in the world of advertising for large brands and companies and in recent years has created animations and videos that speak innovative languages.
He is the art director of the Juma Communication agency in Turin.
He carries out works in 4 hands with other painters, designers, street artists, sculptors. He also performs live in live painting and music performances.
As a DJ he has “played” in Italy and abroad in clubs, on television, on radio, in the world of video, fashion and art.
He performed live in the theater (2013/2014) illustrating to the rhythm of music “PIERINO E IL LUPO” by Prokofieff, a show produced by the Unione Musicale di Torino.
In addition to the catalogs of his exhibitions, he has published some books: 2003 “make silence”, 2007 “ColorLife”, 2008 “MENS: the Dragon – drawings for Cisterna d’Asti” (with the painter MarcoMemeo), 2011 “JINS © black album “, 2013” from detention to detention “(with photographer Erica Fortunato), 2016” JINS © White Album – Portraits “, 2016 in England” Pablo and the fishes “one of four short stories for children (with lyrics by Ludmilla Andrews ) in English.
With other 5 Turin artists, he is the creator and promoter / organizer of AccaAtelier, an event that has opened the studios of Turin artists to the public for four years and for 2 days in a row, creating a network of international exchanges with artists from other European cities. and extra European.