Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, he lives and works in Turin. He enters the mainstream with “Zungentatterich 1983” at the Franz Paludetto gallery, he leaves voluntarily, declaring a non-acceptance of the official art system, preferring an autonomous artistic path, of research and experimentation in any field. He studied photography, and at a very young age he was assistant to Paolo Mussat Sartor for the research on Art, Architecture and Life. With INVENZIONE (1982 – 1990) – a studio he founded – he collaborated and published architectures and image languages ​​of international creatives and artists. His works are in prestigious private collections.
Currently he collaborates for the realization of workshops with children and people with disabilities and for artistic events of an educational and relational nature such as the international event “Arte Plurale” curated by Tea Taramino. He collaborates in the regional project “Never Seen and Other Stories” curated by Arteco and is present at “Trailer”, a traveling exhibition of the project since the first stage in 2014, InGenio Arte Contemporanea, Turin.
Since then, in his “Io sono un Artista”, he has also dedicated himself to an accurate archiving of his work, recording in detail every private idea, project or action, and more rarely in semi-public or public form. In his current artistic research he investigates time understood as a change made of cyclicality and circularity. “Every act of knowledge is a journey and every journey is an act of knowledge. All journeys undertaken should have a return. The natural courage to leave to find, know and return with nostalgia and the desire to tell. Following an idea of ​​a straight path, traveling around the world, you return to the same point; a point where the thought, knowledge and spirit of being a man also rewinds “.