Book launch “Il sogno” at MilleOOLP bookshop

Book launch
IL SOGNO. Poesia di Grazia Valente, opere di Chen Li.
Prinp Editore, 2022

With Grazia Valente and Chen Li

“Il sogno” is a real artist’s book created by four hands by the artist Chen Li with poems by Grazia Valente.
“The dream” belongs to our reality, both in relation to psychic activity, which occurs during sleep, and in the more prosaic one of aspiration, desire often relegated to the sphere of the impossible. “The dream” can also be considered as a protected area, an interior space to be guarded and preserved, a place to wait for an event that often appears nebulous and difficult to decipher, but which we do not want to give up.
In these compositions, drawn from various collections published since 2012, the theme of the dream has been declined in various ways, depending on the mood at the time of inspiration. And often with an ironic streak, characteristic of my way of understanding – and doing – poetry.

WHEN: Friday November 4 2022 at 18.00

WHERE: libreria MilleOOLP – Via dei Mille 30 / D, Turin