Vittorio Tonon began his artistic career as a neorealist figurative painter at a very young age, then moving on to the informal and abstract.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and then deepened his knowledge of modern and contemporary art, taking as an example great artists such as Schiele, Rothko, Bacon, but above all Marcel Duchamp.
His artistic activity becomes interdisciplinary with interests ranging from Land Art to Conceptual Art.
In 1980 he created a “travelling exhibition-intervention” on the artistic avant-gardes of the twentieth century, centered on the Dadaist movement, for the Province of Novara and the Piedmont Region. After the first intervention at the Broletto in Novara, seven other installations followed in important Italian cities including Urbino (Palazzo Ducale), Mantua (Palazzo della Ragione), Milan (Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic), Turin (Palazzo della Promotrice).
In the 1990s he experimented with new forms of art installations, using recycled materials.
In the last twenty years he has organized contemporary art events and built large installations for and with the involvement of schools and public institutions, trying to bring the message of safeguarding and respect for the natural environment.
In 2006 he participated in Paris (Mairie du 5e Arrondissement in Place du Pantheon) in the “Open Castles” initiative, organized by the Piedmont Region and the European Community, to promote cultural tourism in Europe through contemporary art exhibitions in castles and historical palaces of Piedmont.
In 2011 he organized a major exhibition at the State Archives of Novara for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy with the participation of 150 artists.
In recent years he has organized and participated in national and international symposiums and group exhibitions (Italy, France, Austria, Finland, Romania, Brazil, India, China, Mexico, Mongolia).
In 2015 he was curator and artist in Milan, Palazzina Liberty, with the international exhibition: “Milan Expo from 1906 to 2015 – 110 Artists tell Italy” in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and EXPO Milano 2015.
In 2016 he was invited as an artist to Hangzhou: “China Global Arts Agenda” on the occasion of the G 20.
In 2017 he is present as an artist, curator and art critic in Venice, Palazzo Mora, for the “Personal Structures” event with the participation of 44 international artists of 23 different nationalities. The exhibition, promoted by Meadows International Fine Art with the collaboration of the European Cultural Center and G.A.A. Foundation, was held as a collateral event at the Venice Biennale and after a visit to Villa Giulia in Verbania and Casa Bossi in Novara, in December 2018 it was hosted in Salle du Carrousel at the Louvre in Paris for “Salon des Beaux Art 2018”. It will also be present in Paris for the same event in the 2019 edition.
In 2020 he participates in “Mask Art – Creativity under Lockdown” virtual exhibition with 250 artists from 120 countries, organized by “Meadows” with the patronage of UNESCO, re-proposed on video in Venice, Palazzo Mora in 2022. He is currently present at the Marchesani Foundation in Venice with 28 international artists for the pro nature event: “Trees give us life”.