Stefano Stranges is an independent Italian photographer and photojournalist. Born in 1978, he began his professional career in 2006 in the world of fashion and travel reportage, but soon he aimed his lens at the most problematic social issues on the planet. Collaborations with national and international NGOs then begin. His shots capture the harsh realities that grip contemporary society, from exploitation to civil wars, from the disasters caused by natural disasters to the problems caused by climate change. Between 2012 and 2013, during the different stages of a project entitled Homeland, he was invited to present to young students his work in some colleges between India and Bangladesh and in particular in the prestigious Palan School of International Studies in Calcutta. With his photos he has often told how man, despite various adversities, always manages to find the strength to create a nest, even in the absence of walls. He immortalized the exploitation linked to the production of technological tools, from the inhabitants of the Congo in the coltan mines to the immense technological landfill of Ghana, in a report that led him to be awarded several international awards. This work was also the subject of a talk held at TEDx in the city of Rovigo in 2019. It dealt with the issue of gender infanticide in the areas of southern India and that of environmental issues in northern Zimbabwe in a long collaboration with the Terre des Hommes NGO. From 2017 he started a project related to teaching and awareness raising in companies and training centers as a speaker. Some of his photos are part of the EXODOS Collective, showing that in 2019 he received the Gold Medal for Social Value from the President of the Republic. He has published his reportages in numerous magazines, including Rolling Stone, Il Reportage, Millenium del Fatto Quotidiano, Jesus Magazine, Il Manifesto, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Left Magazine, Famiglia Cristiana. His works have been exhibited in various exhibitions, both personal and collective, in Italy and Europe.