Born in Turin, Annamaria Demeglio, after training in school in the Salesian schools and later with the study of languages ​​in the “Circolo Filologico” institute, followed the goldsmith-watchmaking business, founded by her father Giuseppe. But the passion for literature and writing was persevering: he was part of “Voci Nuove” writers of the 20th century; to the cultural magazine “Talento” and to the site “Amo Arte”.
She has published “Irriverente Ardeola”, Ed. Il Punto, Turin 1994.
“Shadows on the pinwheel”, Ed. Il Punto, Turin 1994.
“The secret of the tenth Art”, Ed. L’Autore Libri, Florence 1996. text published and awarded in 1998 at the ‘Giotto Theater’ in San Lorenzo (Florence).
“Emery efebo boy”, Ed. Elena Morea, Turin 2002.
“Uma Shadow Agent 72X”, Ed. Elena Morea, Turin, 2003.
“Not only poetry”, Ed. Elena Morea, Turin 2004.
“Around the fireplace, A glimpse of ancient Turin: The Balòn and its people”, Tipografia dei Comuni, Turin, 2006.
“We are in time, Humanity in the Universe”, Tipografia dei Comuni, Turin 2006.
“The other face of Rol”, Ed. Giancarlo Zedde, Turin, 2007, reprint August 2018.
“The rainbow painted by the angels. Poems dedicated to Simone”, Ed. Prinp, Turin, 2021.