Cristian Ciamporcero was born in Turin on April 26, 1971, follows the artistic maturity and begins to take an interest in multimedia in the second half of the 1990s pursuing a speech research on identity through the use of digital manipulation. He lives and works in Turin. About his work the artist writes: “I Choose works, images of others that tell of existences, they have, through a sort of theatrical performance, tracing and so i claim of the positions, expressions, the emotions of the protagonists and extras. For each installation assumed i photographed in such a way as to be able to subsequently replace all the personages represented. Through the use of prepress programs hived off from the bottom, haughty, and changed and finally override my images to the original work until you reach a merger/allegedly embezzled the lives depicted in paintings from which i draw inspiration. The photographic print this digital processing is the work.”