Claudio Cena was born in Leinì, in the province of Turin, in 1954. His training initially took place in the field of mechanical design and planning, to then develop managerial careers in companies in the aeronautical, space and precision mechanics sectors. Experiences that prove to be of fundamental importance for the purposes of current artistic research characterized by rigorous experiments aimed at developing his personal technique. Always interested in art, thanks to the collaboration with photographer friends, he initially approaches the visual arts by experimenting with the photographic language of black and white. From his assiduous attendance at contemporary art environments and exhibition events in Italy and abroad, his personal poetry comes to life and the decision to leave the activity of plant manager to devote himself totally to his passions, bike trips and art. Thus began his personal search for traces of art in the area during his bicycle travels around the world. At the same time, an uninterrupted study of unusual materials and execution methods begins. He creates works that absorb abstract or geometric shapes, rigid mathematical relationships to arrive at formal outcomes that meet unexpected theories and solutions, in constant evolutionary openness.