Achille Bonito Oliva is an art critic, academic and essayist, internationally recognized among the best known in Italy and abroad. He has organized and curated numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad; he has published numerous books and essays.
After having obtained the classical high school diploma in 1961, he graduated in law at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Later he enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and matured his initial vocation: poetry. Among other things, he participated in the research of Gruppo 63 with his first books of poetry: Made in Mater of 1967 and Fiction Poems of 1968. In 1970 he organized the exhibition Vitality of the negative in Rome, in which he hosted well-known artists poor art like Jannis Kounellis and Michelangelo Pistoletto. It will be precisely this exhibition to give life to a profound comparison between these artists with the past of Italian art and culture.
In 1980 he wrote the work “The Italian Transavanguardia” founding the Transavanguardia artistic movement. His idea of ​​the art critic is innovative: he proposes a “creative model” of criticism. The critic is no longer a supporter of a single poetic and mediator between artist and audience, but must act as a “hunter”. Since 1968 he has lived in Rome, where he began his career as an art critic and teaches History of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Architecture of the La Sapienza University. In 1993 he was the director of the Venice Biennale.